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Research projects

Our laboratory has three main projects as follows.

Legged robots driven by antagonistic pneumatic actors

Limit cycle walking of a humanoid robot driven by pneumatic artificial muscles

Walking robot Pneumat-BT

Walking robot "Pneumat-BT"

Consecutive juming of a monopedal robot with musculoskeletal system including bi-articular mucles

跳躍ロボット 空脚-K

Jumping robot "Kukyaku-K"

Dynamic locomotion of biped robot with musculoskeletal system

Walking and junping robot Pneumat-BR

Walking and junping robot Pneumat-BR

Robot arms driven by antagonistic pneumatic actuators

Dynamic motion generation of robot arm driven by pneumatic actuators

Humanoid 6DOF arm

Humanoid 6DOF arm

Development of humanoid hand with flexible skin and its adaptive manipulation

Bionic-hand with flexible skin that has built-in tactile receptor



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